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MACHINE-A x Blawko Interview


MACHINE-A x Blawko Interview

The MACHINE-A team interview internet personality Blawko.

Where do you get your fashion inspirations?
ASMR mukbang videos, rappers’ cousins who gotta be part of the entourage or their moms get mad, Office Depot catalog.

What are your top 3 Fashion trends at the moment?
Really been into the socks-and-Crocs combo, something I like to call The Crusty Uncle. I liked how Ezra Miller wore Dior while holding a champagne flute, that’s something I’m trying to incorporate into my daily life. And I’m trying to get on Quavo’s level and start wearing turtlenecks with my good Church pants. Looking like a rich stepdad in Florida.

Gosha Rubchinskiy or A-COLD-WALL*?
Gonna go with my man Samuel Ross.

If you are only allowed to buy one item from MACHINE-A, which one from the following would you choose: the Maison Margiela Transparent Trench Coat, the Raf Simons Slim Space Pants, the Craig Green fitted Harness Shirt or the Alyx Neckwarmer?
Margiela trench. The world needs to see these nipples; I can’t be selfish. Can’t hide my light.

Which item from the shop would you choose for Miquela?
The Margiela cut-out coat. It’s a coat you wear when you about to explain the history of cerulean or kill a dude with a paperclip. Strong look.

Rings or necklaces?
Necklaces, the fingers too beautiful to wear rings. Distracts from the jewellery. Wouldn’t be fair.

Knitted sweater or hoodie?
You know what, I like to mix it up. I wear hoodies a lot but sometimes you got just go all out and wear a cropped, like, cable-knit tuxeo-poncho, keep these basic toasters on their toes.

Cowboy boots, cop or drop?
Cop, especially if it’s a Heelys cowboy boot.

It’s your first time in London, who is your favourite British designer at the moment?
I’ll shout out Samuel Ross TWICE.

Can you name one London Fashion Trend or just a certain look that you want to bring back to LA?
Oversized everything, especially coats. That way I can keep a whole-ass ham on me. Keep a printer. Keep print-outs of everyone telling me to delete my account.

Maison Margiela or Raf Simons?

Which designer would you want to collaborate with?
Virgil Abloh.

Tailored Trousers or Sweatpants?
Both, layered.

If you have to wear a womenswear piece for a day, would you choose a pair of Margiela tabi boots or a Richard Quinn Dress?
Richard Quinn dress WITH the tabi boots. Need that extra height so I don’t break the flow of the gown. I’m not dumb.

As we all know, you are a very influential figure on social media and your style has inspired a lot of people, what is the next trend that you want to create?
Gonna bring back the puka shell necklace in a big way.

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