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New Happiness · Love Chaos

1017 ALYX 9SM

New Happiness · Love Chaos

Photography: Nick Knight

Production Design: Paul Hetherington

Models: Travis Scott, Demi Scott and Ysaunny Brito

'New Happiness · Love Chaos' references the freedom and clarity one finds when driving alone. Reflective 3M material is utilised throughout, covering motorbikes, backgrounds and a nude Demi Scott - a nod to Man Ray’s Solarisation technique.

Motorbikes - a motif prevalent within Alyx's DNA - are filmed from drones overhead, capturing the freeing solidarity of a night time drive. Flashes of cityscapes, snapshots of model Ysaunny Brito and the clashings of a custom soundtrack by Jeppe Laursen, express a chaos the driver is escaping from.

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