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We sat down with Dongjoon Lim, Creative Director at one of South Korea's most exciting brands: POST ARCHIVE FACTION (PAF), who kindly agreed to do an exclusive Q&A with the team at MACHINE-A.

Take a deep dive into the brand below and discover their design process, influences, future plans and more!

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1. Please could you tell us about your team and how you all got started and came together?

I think I was lucky because I had a lot of talented friends around me. First was Sookyo, my old friend, the man who never gives up. We built PAF from the ground up. Jooyeon who graduated CSM was the 3rd member of PAF. She was my art class mentor when I tried to learn drawing and painting. And the rest of the members are from high school, college friends and even from military service. As time passed, we came together one by one. Now we are 11.  

2. What does “Post Archive Faction” Mean? How did you choose this name

It could be interpreted literally. Post Archive Faction refers to a group that makes and represents what will become the archive of the future. I put an abbreviation of the name “PAF” at the end because I wanted people to be able to say it easily. So It became POST ARCHIVE FACTION (PAF).

3. Can you tell us about your design process? What do you do for inspiration?

First I set an archetype of one form (Uni-form), for example SHIRT, and transform it into multi-forms which we called Right-Center-Left. 

I’m observing things, especially living things, the evolution of organisms including human beings, our way of surviving is always inspiring me. 

4. What are your goals and plans for PAF in the future?

To be honest, I’m still thinking about it. Perhaps the next level of fashion. 

5. What other designers and/or creators do you admire? (could be in any discipline – fashion, music, art, film, food)

There are too many to tell so I’ll just say 3 people in 3 different genres. 

Virgil Abloh, Issey Miyake. Hyein Seo in fashion. 

Four Tet, Thom Yorke, Kanye West in music 

Denis Villeneuve. Romain Gavras. Bong Joon-ho in film.  

7. There are a few playlists published on your website – what sort of role does music play a part in your creative process? Do you have a playlist for this collection?

It means a lot. Usually we listen to songs on the playlists when we are working in our studio. In Korea, we called it 노동요(勞動謠). I think designing and making something real requires a lot of concentration and imagination. and I believe that good music can open the design process and make it like an adventure, beyond the original potential we have. I love electronic music because sometimes it feels like a ritual, a process of making something sacred. 

8. If you had not been a designer, what would you have wanted to be?

An architect. I always love to build something.

9. Why did you decide to make the step into MACHINE-A and what is it you like about the store/selection?

I remember exactly when I got to know Machine-A. I could feel the most powerful energy, visual and beautiful aesthetic. From that moment, Machine-A was one of my goals from the beginning. 

10. How did it feel to be seen up against such a great selection of designers/brands when nominated for the LVMH prize?

I was so happy when I checked all the designers of the LVMH semi final 2021.I think I'm a pretty competitive person which means I always want to win but at that moment, I felt it didn't matter at all. It was a true honor to be on the list alongside all genius designers. 

11. Your AW21 collection is soon to hit - which are your personal favourites from this season’s collection?

4.0+ Down series, Balance between experimental design and functionality. We've improved many things from our earliest version. and I can say that it's the perfect down series ever. 

12. If you could collaborate with any brand, artist or creative who would it be and why?

Elon Musk of SpaceX.  I want to make suits for astronauts.

13. When thinking of the PAF customers do you imagine their outfit head to toe in PAF or is it styled and mixed with others? Which brands have you seen styled well with PAF items?

I saw our customers styled PAF with amazing brands like Comme des Garçons, Craig Green, Kiko Kostadinov and Y Project. It's always interesting and also inspiring to see unexpected styles. So I think any style that surprises me is always welcome. 

14. How would you describe your brand in 2 sentences?

Evolving Uniform. 


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