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designer: SHERYN AKIKI


Sheryn Akiki is a Beirut-born, London-based designer, having studied at the Central Saint Martins for her BA and MA in Fashion. Not only is Sheryn a recipient of the L'Oreal Professional Award for her MA collection 'Au Bar Coquette' in February 2019, chosen by guest judge Stavros Karelis, she was also the runner up for the L'Oreal Professional Young Talent Award for her BA collection 'The Blue Index 1.1' in 2017.

Sheryn's work has always looked at ways of putting out there a "sensory mezze" to provoke and ignite emotion through investigating ideas of homegrown propaganda, media mosaic, melting pot of socio-political landscapes in Lebanon, re-contextualising the conventional image of a "lady", elegance in times of crisis and the urgent need to just be.

'(laqt)' grew as an extension of 'au bar coquette', where, through an accidental process, the found 1950's process took on a life of their own, seemingly chewed up or run over by a car, and threatening to spill '(laqt)' began as a question into the production needs of our industry and about ways of instilling new life into the discarded and neglected objects.

The project for now consists of eight 1950's purses - sourced by different people, and travelled through different borders to get to Beirut; where each purse with an emphasis on its narrative and conditions, was treated individually and tracked accordingly.



More SHERYN AKIKI coming soon

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